“Levell 5 has a wonderful collection. I think Levell 5 has such collections which today’s women would love to wear and look beautiful. Levell 5’s outfits have a certain excitement, colour play and fabric in them which would cater to different age groups. It is such a gorgeous collection that I feel like trying out all of them. Levell 5 will do very well, and I would ask everyone to drop in here once.”

“I know Levell 5 for years. The dresses which I used to wear on the sets of Big Boss were sponsored by Levell 5. I would like to request all of you to come and visit. You may not believe this, but Levell 5 is actually reasonable when it comes to prices, even for college goers.”

Priya Paul Actress & Big Boss Runner-Up

“I am so excited to be here at Levell 5. What I love most about Levell 5 is that it is young, vibrant and suitable for all age groups. I wish them all the success.”

“Being a blogger, I know that for all the events I go to and all the parties I attend, I need new OOTDs (Outfit of the Day) all the time. That is what brings me back to Levell 5 because I know I am a girl on a budget and I can shop liberally from Levell 5.Thanks, Levell 5 for being there always!”

Riddhima Khanna Fashion Blogger & Owner, RidzeePop

“The four designers at Levell 5 have done a breathtaking job with all their collection, and the price is to die for. Everybody loves the collection, and I wish all the very best to them.”

Lopamudra Mandal Saha Fashion Designer

“The four designers of Levell 5 – Abhilasha, Neha, Rashmi, and Sweta – have created an incredible collection. And I must mention the price range, which is entirely reasonable. I am going to shop from here every time. Congratulations Levell 5.”

Richa Sharma Miss India International

“I am delighted to come to Levell 5 because what I’ve found here is that there’s a vast range and most of it is very affordable. So I can imagine people coming here and buying a number of outfits which they can wear at parties and special occasions. Levell 5 has a fantastic range. I am glad that a store like this exists. Four designers have worked together and have brought us different ideas and different sensibilities.”

Rita Bhimani MD, Ritam Communications

“Levell 5 is one of my most favourite places, primarily because all their designing clothes are excellent. The most significant thing about Levell 5 is that the reasonable pricing, which makes buying easy for many people. I wish Levell 5 a huge success.”

Jaya Seal Actress

Levell Five

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