24 Jun, 2020
Casual Wear - Over Virtual Get-togethers !

The social scene as we knew it has changed. However, fretting over matters that we have no control over is not how the woman of 2020 operates.

True, the current pandemic scenario has us stuck at home with our minds in a state of perpetual confusion as to what next. However, time is now ripe to reinvent ourselves and our lives, for the show must go on.

A lot of us miss dressing up and going out which was a major part of our pre-pandemic life. Putting on that perfect Levell 5 dress, a dash of dewy makeup, matching your look with your pretty shoes and then catching up with one’s dear friends, over tall glasses of cold coffee- bliss!

Moving on, take control of the situation, and shift to weekly meets online.  Just like we buy women’s clothing online, we also meet up online! There are many apps that offer us video connectivity to our friends, so let’s mark a day in our diaries for an on-line meetup instead.

Here’s how to plan the perfect virtual meet up with your ladies :

Arrive at a convenient date and time:

Most of us are working from home, or have absent maids. Take a consensus and arrive at a suitable hour. Ideally, plan this meet in advance and time it for a Friday or Saturday night, it works best.

Sort out the menu:

Some munchies, a bottle of wine or freshly brewed coffee, keep the food and beverage menu sorted in advance and place it at hand. Fire up the internet, keep the charger handy, and cheers!

Take care of your surroundings:

A soothing backdrop for your video chat is recommended. Remember to clean your room and light a few candles to set the mood. Also, pay attention to the lighting and seat yourself so the light falls on your face.

Plan some fun games:

Since you all are catching up after long, the conversation will flow easily. However, keep some fun games handy. Think a round of antakshari or even some fun drinking games to get you and your girlies laughing out loud!

Don’t forget to dress up:

The idea is to create an atmosphere that is just like your regular meetups. So, skipping the dressing up would be so unwise. Do your hair, put on a dash of red lipstick, line your eyes with kohl and slip into that perfect everyday casual wear that is signature YOU!
Levell 5, a brand synonymous with comfortable style, offers a range of smart and chic every day casual wear options on their website. Not only is there a dress for every body type and style vibe, but there are also very tempting discounts going on currently.


When you shop at Levell 5, not only do you get your online shopping delivered to you at the safety of your home, we are also taking all suitable safety measures and precautions.

Right from sanitizing each outfit and packaging it beautifully- and safely- in multiple layers, the workshop at Levell 5 also conducts regular temperature checks and our sales executives always have on gloves and mask when handling your orders.

So, don’t miss out on life- rather adapt to the situation and seize the day!