03 Feb, 2020
Get Your Ethnic Wardrobe Ready in 2020

We know you are waiting for the new fashion trends so that you can stock your look for this new year. If you are still wondering how to go about this season, then read the blog as we have put forward the latest trends for you. From runway to designer picks, we have covered the entire list of styles to carry in 2020 and you can keep your Womens clothing Online Shopping cart full anytime. 


Tropical Colours

Let us start with tropical colours. 2020 is the year where tropical shades and hues will run the fashion gateway. If you are looking forward to having a bright set of clothes, make sure you choose one tropical tune for your wardrobe. These are highly energetic and warm colours that swiftly make 2020 a grand occasion. 


Floral Prints

When it comes to floral designs, these never go out of style in India. Be it ethnic or Indo-western, floral looks never go wrong. Moreover, it is not going out of town anytime soon. It was a notable pick in 2019, and it was also explored by several top designers. 


Classic Blue

As you all know global trendsetters have already begun with their fashion forecasts, let us tell you the Pantone Colour of 2020. It's none other than our classic Blue. Have you ever seen people not wearing blue? Blue is one of the warmest colours and it will always rule the fashion runway. Ethnic or Indo-western, all kinds of fashion designs have never ceased to explore with blue. We are also pushing the fact that a blue palette is a wardrobe must this 2020. 


Caramel and browns

The colour combination or single colours respectively have made their mark in 2019. With pastel shades making a mark, brown and caramels can make a big leap in 2020. If you are wondering how a dull colour can make a style statement, have a look at the fashion shows in 2019. With online shopping in India, choosing colours have become easy, just pick your shade of caramel and place the order!


Tie and Dye

According to Harper Bazaar, tie-dye was as lifeless as a doornail. Only after celebrities took the chance of wearing it, it became a fashion sensation and trend that marked on the runway while people welcomed it from large labels. From Jahnvi Kapoor to Sara Ali Khan, everyone has made a style statement with Tie and Dye. All that matters are how you can carry the look. In 2020, make sure you have one tie and dye in your wardrobe to showcase your ethnic status. Well, plus size dresses look amazing in tie and dye shades and designs, try it and thank us later. 



This is one of the old 80s trends which have created a hue in the last quarter of 2019 and is sure to create plenty of silhouettes. Sarees and Salwar suits have ruffled edges and hand designs that not only offers a retro look but also makes anyone look fuller and brighter. 


Polka dots with a twist

Wondering polka dots are 1990s style? Wait until you see thick polka dots making a mark for the 2020 summer runway. It will surely make you feel that your closet needs at least one of them. Ethnic polka dots draped with Indo western look is going to be a masterpiece in 2020. 


Shirt with Long Ethnic Skirt

Celebrities are presently wearing a top with a gorgeous long skirt. This style renders a perfect Indo-western look and connects with the Indian values keeping in the shirt style handy. Both Indian and Western cultures are easily satisfied together. 


Cold Shoulder Ethnic Dresses

The cold shoulder has been old, but it was mostly adorned with the western dress. Wherever you go, people are seen wearing cold shoulder dresses. It is not considered a complete western trend and goes well with ethnic women wear Anarkali designs or long Kurtis. 2020 wedding wardrobe must have one cold shoulder choli or blouse to pair with a lehenga or saree respectively. Have you ordered your designer ethnic wear online today? If not, we give a nod as it’s your right to stay fashionable with the latest trends. 


Dhoti style Pants with Crop Tops

If you are in for a solid desi punch, then pair your crop top with a bright and vivid dhoti. It is a great combination and renders a cool modern Marathi look. It is suitable for women who cannot usually carry heavy ethnic attire. It will make you look elegant with a twist. 


Metallic Dresses

In general, we have multiple shades to wear for different occasions. However, the metallic designs and colours look drop-dead gorgeous even when there are no particular designs on the dress. They look remarkably beautiful, elegant and refined. Just a metallic colour and you can be the showstopper at any party or occasion. A lehenga or an Anarkali will make the best choices for the metallic colour. 


Floor Length Kurta

If you are drooling over the above-mentioned fashion trends, then we have some more ready for you. Well, Kurtis and Salwar suits have always been the ethnic favourite. If you are bored with the short length, this year make it long and go for the floor-length kurtas to experience a glam look like never before. 


Poncho Dresses

The Poncho design is a simple way to elevate the look of any outfit. You can wear a Poncho over a kurta, a choli, a blouse and see the difference. A simple over the top design can elevate your look. Get the best designs with online shopping and make the street-stare worthwhile. 



Well, we have finally come to the end of our trends list and we want you to try all of these at least once in 2020. Fashion is a dynamic field but what stays here is the combination of beauty and being comfortable with a dress. Access the best women ethnic wear in Kolkata at your fingertips and walk in style!